I Need To Check Myself With A Good Example Of An Argumentative Research Paper

An argumentative research paper or essay is about your position on a question or issue that you are to defend with credible evidence. You can find a host of instruction manuals written on the subject of research paper writing. There are handbooks available and websites dedicated to the teaching of academic writing. All these resources are invaluable but the best way of learning for human beings, is from example.

You can go through some good examples before you start working on the paper or you double check your work with the help of one. Beware of the temptation to rewrite big chunks of your paper after having compared it with an example. You need only focus on the basics and the structure and format of the argumentative research paper.

Here are a few resources for finding a good example of an argumentative research paper:

  1. Campus Library: Your campus library is a good place to start looking for some examples. Ask your librarian to help you locate a book written on the subject of academic writing. Make sure that the book contains some examples. You have already written the paper so you do not require detailed instructions anymore.
  2. Online Libraries and Databases: Online databases of electronic academic works are exciting additions to the existing array of online help. You can logon to one of these libraries/databases’ websites to learn how to register. Some of the digital libraries and databases are restricted for the mere mortals. That will probably change as the system develops the capability to handle more and more traffic.
  3. University and College websites: University and college provide example essays on their websites. Whether you will find a complete research, paper is up to chance. You can easily find a good one there.
  4. Academic Writing Services: Academic writing services can be found both on and offline you can ask them to provide you with examples of argumentative research papers. You have the advantage of communicating your exact needs to the agency. For instance, the area your research paper is in can be a parameter of the example you require. Academic writing services can also come in handy if you get stuck in the writing process, or are unable to complete your assignment. Life happens, and these agencies are there to finish your work for you when you cannot.

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