Coming Up With Good Research Paper Topics On World War 2

World War 2 is a very broad subject, so students often have trouble trying to narrow down their research paper topics in history. They can use different strategies, including brainstorming, choosing keywords, and building a mind map. However, it’s advisable to get good research paper sample topics, study them carefully, and come up with your own assignment topic. The following list of ideas is easy to narrow down:

  1. The U.S. entry into the conflict: why was the timing significant?
  2. Food packaging: how it changed during the war.
  3. The rights of African-Americans: impacts of the global changes in the postwar world.
  4. A special role of animals: how were birds, dogs, and horses used?
  5. Art movements inspired by wartime events: how can a piece of art tell a story about the war?
  6. Transportation-related developments from wartime: a case study of bridges and roads in Western Europe.
  7. Clothing in the war period: saving lives vs. hindering movements.
  8. Types of communication: impacts on key events.
  9. Hitler’s rise to power: why did it happen so quickly?
  10. Occupation of France: special circumstances that affected the key events.
  11. Innovations during World War 2: what products were invented and became a part of people’s everyday lives?
  12. New terms and phrases: what new vocabulary did emerged in the postwar period?
  13. The conflict and medical developments: healthcare improvements in the postwar period.
  14. The ways society responded to the situation: the role of propaganda.
  15. Resistance movements in different countries: how did people survive living in an occupied territory?

No matter what topic idea you end up with, you should decide what type of a research paper you’re going to compose. There are several more popular options, including the following:

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