15 current environmental topics for a research paper

The environment is a very important topic in research for all of the following reasons:

It’s been proven to be in danger

Climate change has been shown to cause severe melting of the polar icecaps to an extant that has never before been seen in modern history or even in human history by literate cultures.

It’s definitely going to affect human life

The majority of cities are built on coastlines due to the habit of engaging in trade over water. As a result rising sea levels have the potential to displace billions of people from their homes and swallow entire island nations which will destabilize the global economy and wreak general chaos.

There’s a good chance we might no longer be able to reverse it

Some studies show that even if all the destructive behaviors humanity engages in were stopped overnight, the results of our previous actions would still be enough to cause climate catastrophe.

The following are 15 of the topics that you could conceivably pursue in the field of environmental research:

  1. Medical advances from plant species brought back from the brink of extinction
  2. Neem: Harmless pesticides from ayurvedic medicine
  3. How effective is the current system of recycling paper and plastics?
  4. How destructive can acid rain become as climate change intensifies?
  5. Has the damage to coral reefs world wide slowed down in recent years?
  6. To what extent are women more affected by the consequences of deforestation than men?
  7. Is another mass extinction headed our way?
  8. Can legislation better allocate water resources to stave off the next major drought?
  9. Will the intensity of natural disasters reach a critical point at which all life on Earth faces serious risks?
  10. How seriously are the signatories of the Kyoto protocol taking the agreement?
  11. How prepared are the world’s governments to withstand the fallout from Nuclear warfare?
  12. How effective will Sustainable Consumption be in the reduction of Climate Change and income inequality?
  13. Are wetlands being adequately protected worldwide?
  14. What are the best current solutions to the use of potable water as a means of flushing solid waste?
  15. How does the destruction of natural resources affect children psychologically?

The changes we make now may not be able to bring back the Earth from the brink but if they have any positive effects on the planet they should be seriously considered.

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