How to Find Online Writing Help for My Research Paper

There are many ways to find help with writing a research paper. As in different stages, different types of help are needed. This is what we will be looking at in this article, how to find online help writing a research paper. We will cover support, how to look for information, and editing.

  1. Support
  2. How to find Resources
  3. Editing


There are many sites set up to help students, and they can supply everything from tutorials, to tutoring. As such there are student help sites, which can charge or be free, school sites that have samples, and often tutorials. Some sites even have tutorials on the different styles, like MLA, APA, and Chicago, as well as every other style a student may have to write in. Doing a search for “essay writing help” will turn up a lot of support. It can also be done by naming the style being used to; “APA essay writing help”, “Chicago essay writing help”.

How to find Resources

Finding resources, can be a bit tricky. Once the topic is picked, doing different searches in the area of the topic is the best way. In that, a student would pick what they were writing about. For example, if the student was writing about Censorship, they might break it down into sections for the essay. Starting with an overall look, “effects of censorship on society”, which turns up 4,700,000 pages of resources. Then the next part might be “effects of censorship in literature”, which turns up 3,060,000 pages of resources. Then finally, “effects of censorship in movies”, which turns up, 2,960,000 pages of resources. The student then would read through these until they had enough information for that section; using the note taking process for writing essays.


There are many sites online that edits essays. Ask your friends if they have ever used an editing site, and which one they liked. If they have not, then look each site over, and see what they offer, and who they say does the editing of students’ works. Most of these sites are going to be good, but do your homework on them. When you have found a site that will edit your work, and that you can afford, then follow the instructions they have on their site, and submit your finished work to them. It is always good to edit your own work, but using a second review helps to make sure nothing was missed.

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