How Do You Write A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper: A Tried And Tested Strategy

Writing a research paper is no easy task. To produce a great paper, one must have the perfect combination of information, passion and vocabulary. One of the most important parts of any research paper is the conclusion; here you must tie up your paper in a way which makes it not only intelligent but also witty and memorable. Of course, writing a great conclusion can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. For that reason, we have compiled this list of hints and tips to help you write a great concluding paragraph.

  1. Reread what you have written so far
    • Before you begin writing your concluding paragraph, you should always reread what you have written in the main body of your essay.
    • Doing this will ensure that your work is fresh in your mind before you begin summarising it. It will also allow you to avoid a long editing process once you have finished your paper.
  2. Avoid repeating yourself
    • While writing their research paper, many people make the mistake of simply repeating themselves.
    • Doing this will make your concluding paragraph monotoned and boring. You will also run the risk of making it look as though you are struggling to meet your word count.
  3. Keep it short
    • A concluding paragraph should be kept short and never be longer than the paragraphs which compose the main body of the text.
    • A long concluding paragraph means you have likely written something which drones on with irrelevant and unnecessary information.
  4. Do not introduce anything new
    • Your concluding paragraph is not the place to introduce new information. Often times, you may forget to include something and then hastily write about it in the concluding paragraph.
    • Avoid doing this. If you don't have time to write a new paragraph, leave the information out.
  5. Find a strong closing line
    • Every great concluding paragraph should end with a great concluding line. This will make it a memorable piece of work; if it is not already one, of course.
    • Try to avoid anything cheesy. A pun does not have any academic merit and therefore should be excluded from your list of possible concluding lines.

In conclusion, a great concluding paragraph is difficult to write, but not so difficult that it can't be done. Hopefully, we have lead you to conclude what you need to do in order to write a greaty essay from introduction to conclusion.

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