20 Impressive Medical Research Paper Topic Ideas To Consider

Choosing an impressive topic for a medical research paper can be a daunting prospect. However, it’s vital step if you want to write an outstanding research paper. Maybe this list of 20 impressive medical research paper topics can help.

Sale of human organs

Is there a problem with the sale of human organs? If so, how can it be solved?

Acupuncture in sports medicine

Is there a place for acupuncture in sports medicine?


How can the field of bioethics be applied in hospitals and doctors’ offices?

Patient privacy in acute care wards

Is the level of patient privacy in acute care wards acceptable? If not, how can it be improved?

Breast cancer vaccine

How far are we from developing a vaccine for breast cancer?

Philosophy of medicine versus philosophy of healthcare

What is the difference between the philosophy of medicine and the philosophy of healthcare?

Assisted suicide

Should assisted suicide be legalised to help people end their lives in a way they choose?

Holistic medicine

How can holistic medicine be employed in the treatment of life-threatening illnesses?

Seasonal affective disorder

What are the causes of and most successful treatments for seasonal affective disorder?


How do psychological processes affect the nervous and immune systems in the human body?

Abuse in nursing homes

Is there a problem with abuse in nursing homes? If so, how can it be prevented?

Hoarding antibiotics

Is there a problem with patients hoarding their antibiotics instead of taking them as prescribed? If so, how can this problem be solved to avoid improper use of antibiotics?

History of medical anthropology

What is the history of the field of medical anthropology?

Gulf War illness

What is Gulf War illness? What are some of the best ways to treat it?

Elective caesarians

Is there a place for elective caesarian sections, or should they be avoided?


What are the main causes of hyper-vitaminosis? How can it be prevented?

Dangers of plastic surgery

What are the dangers of plastic surgery? Are potential patients made sufficiently aware of these dangers?

Addictions in health professionals

Are addictions a problem in the healthcare profession? If so, how can they be prevented?

Mind-body connection

Is there any truth to the mind-body connection theory? How can it be utilised in modern medicine to heal patients?

History of surgery

What is the history of surgery through the ages?

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