Choosing Strong History Topics For Research Papers

If you are trying to choose strong history topics for your research paper, consider the following topics:

When you have picked your topic, it is time to ask yourself what you already know about the topic and what else you still need to learn. This sets the foundation for your research.

When you start your research, make sure you use an appropriate mixture of primary and secondary sources, as outlined by your project details.

As you are researching, keep your notes organized and make sure you write down appropriate bibliographic information for your sources, especially if you write down a quote or statistic.

After you have completed your research, it is time to craft the outline. The outline is where you play around with the structure and the presentation of your arguments and facts. It is what you need to start writing.

When you have an outline in hand, your writing should be significantly easier. As you set out to write the first draft, it is important that you do not let writers block stop you. Many students are unsure of where to start. They think that the introduction comes first and therefore they must write it first. But this is not necessarily true. You can write your paper in whatever order is most comfortable for you. If you prefer to dive right into the body paragraphs, then do it. You are the writer and you are in control. As you write your first draft, it is important to also remember that no first draft would be perfect. Your first draft is exactly what the title suggests: first draft. Giving yourself enough time you can edit this draft as many times as you need until it is perfect. If you are having writers block you should try it free writing exercise. Whatever brainstorming method you use, it is in your best interest to simply right. You will waste time by not writing your first draft out of fear. If you just dive right in, and at least get something out on paper, you will be shocked at how quickly you can edit and turn your rough draft into something better.

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