Fresh Ideas On How To Find Easy Argumentative Research Paper Topics

An argumentative research paper involves presenting a strong claim to an audience that needs convincing. The argument can be made via logic and solid research. To come up with ideas on what to write an argumentative research paper is not that hard when you know where to look. If you are struggling to come up with ideas then read on for some suggestions on where to look.

Large Lists

Online you can find articles where you will be given 50, 100 or even 200 suggestions on what you can base the argumentative research paper on. To find these lists you can simply go to your favorite search engine and use a search string such as “argumentative research paper topics”, or “ideas for argumentative research papers”. This will give you so many ideas that you may struggle selecting one in a timely manner.

Whatever topic you choose make sure that you are interested in it, because otherwise you will find that the lack of enthusiasm will reduce the quality of the research paper.

Think About Your Interests

Is there a topic that you are passionate about? This could be anything from global warming to how kids are being educated nowadays. If there is something that you frequently tend to discuss or argue about with friends and family, then perhaps it will make a good topic for the argumentative research paper.

However, make sure that the topic will have public interest. Don’t choose something that has no relevance to the everyday person. For example, a funding issue with your chosen niche sport, or the best way to complete a computer game.

The advantage of picking a subject that you talk about regularly is not only enthusiasm, but also knowledge. Let’s say that you are against the idea of governments having a say in our diets, and have already debated, and convinced people why it’s a bad idea, then writing a paper on it should be familiar territory.

Conduct A Survey

If you are not sure what topics are most prominent at the time of writing your paper you could carry out a survey to find out. By asking people what they think are the hot topics of the year you will have the suggestions required to write an interesting paper. Afterall, nobody will have much interest reading a paper on a topic that is out of date.

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