Argumentative Research Paper Ideas: Questions to Explore

You can develop your argumentative research paper thesis without much trouble if you come up with an interesting question to explore. Therefore, it makes sense to learn how you can choose the best ideas and formulate good research topics.

A good argumentative research paper should describe the pros and cons of an issue. Therefore, you need to pick a topic that allows you to investigate a problem, collect enough examples to support your thesis statement, formulate counterarguments, and write a solid conclusion. You can choose a topic that requires some empirical research like polls, surveys, or interviewing. However, most topics can be covered by information from research literature.

You should improve your reasoning skills when working on your argumentative research paper; some of the easy questions to explore are provided below.

  1. Why are Hollywood movies so popular worldwide?
  2. Why do people become dependent on modern technologies?
  3. Should self-defense training be made compulsory for every high school student?
  4. Should men be able to choose whether to get paternity leave from work or not?
  5. How can people establish renewables as the main source of energy in big cities?
  6. Should public speaking be taught in high schools?
  7. Is homeschooling a better option for children?
  8. What basic individual rights should be granted worldwide?
  9. Why is it impossible to establish gender harmony?
  10. What are top 5 causes of why students do not complete their homework assignments?

When you are passionate about a chosen topic, you have more fun writing your assignment. The list below consists of ten interesting questions to answer in your research paper.

  1. Do test scores represent the students’ levels of knowledge and skills?
  2. Is the energy crisis greater than the water crisis?
  3. Who is responsible for media content – the media companies or commercials?
  4. What is the difference between effectiveness and efficiency?
  5. Is an ecological crisis as dangerous as some scientists claim?
  6. How can the United Nations influence dictatorial regimes in Asia?
  7. Should euthanasia stay illegal?
  8. Why is terrorism the biggest threat to international security?
  9. Should drugs be legalized for recreational purposes?
  10. How can sports unite people from around the globe?

Take your time and choose your topic carefully; brainstorm the ideas, select the one you are interested in, and narrow down your topic. If you understand that you are not able to answer your research question, change it and make sure that you can analyze the material properly.

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