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Need help picking out a topic for your art history research paper? Look no further, for this guideline is bound to give you ideas on what to do:

American Revolution era

Take an art piece from the American Revolution era and study it. A famous piece, like the crossing of the Delaware River or the Boston massacre, can be very revealing compositions as far as the historical events behind them. Can someone looking at the crossing of the Delaware River feel the biting of the cold wind or the rocking of the boat through the choppy waters? Do depictions of the Boston massacre blow what really happened out of the water or is there one that shows exactly what happened?

French Revolution pieces

This is a relatively easy assignment as comparing one version of the French Revolution to the other is simple. Find a piece of artwork that paints the French Revolution in a good light and compare it to a piece that shows the horror of that time in all its gruesome details. The guillotine tasted the blood of many through that horrific time, including a few members of the royal family, and was used as a deterrent to frighten the French citizens into not rising up against the revolution.

World War I

Find some art pieces from World War I, which depict the terror of the battlefields. For example, a scene showing how life was in the trenches or the fear on the soldiers’ faces from both sides is the best way to see how frightful war can be for those who must live through it.

Famous sea battles

Find a favorite sea battle and study the artwork of that scene. Does the piece of art show what really happened during the battle or does it fall short of the truth?

Compare Renaissance to Modern era

Comparing two art styles from different eras can be a challenge but one quite rewarding if pulled off correctly. The Renaissance period is a prime example to hold up, as there were many beautiful pieces that came from painters whose names have gone down in history. Comparing the Renaissance artwork to the modern era is a good way to look for the contrasting details between the two. Looking at what artists are putting forth today as art, does it pale in comparison to something Michelangelo or Raphael painted?

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