Creating An Effective Research Paper On Drug Smuggling

Drug smuggling is a worldwide phenomenon that has been around for centuries, and as such provides a lot of content in terms of academic research paper writing. There are several different perspectives that are constantly evolving, meaning that students don’t have to worry about running out of topics on the controversial subject. Here are a few tips for creating an effective research paper on drug smuggling:

Consider your audience

Before you start with any other part of writing your essay, you should take some time to consider the audience of your work. Is this for a political science class? Is this a health class? Each discipline should provide you with some ideas about what perspective you would like to take based on the kind of audience you will be presenting this to.

Consider your goal or intention

Will your research paper be a case study? Will you provide an in-depth analysis? Several professors provide students with specific project prompts, but others allow students to develop their own ideas and write on anything within the course’s scope. Come up with a few ideas and ask your professor for help or approval. He or she may provide with a few more ideas and might even steer you towards good resources to get started.

Conduct quality research

Your first stop in completing your project is the university library. Speak with your reference librarian to get some assistance. You should be able to focus your search criteria to a few keywords related to your topic. Look for resources that were published within the last three years. Anything before this and you risk citing outdated information that can quickly be discredited.

Think outside the box

When you’re finding resources consider all the different perspectives that the opposition may take on your argument. The most effective research papers consider questions where the topics fall short or there is an opposing view that presents problems to the main theses. Acknowledge these shortcomings and your work will be valued more highly.

Pre-write your research paper

Now that you’ve gathered content for your project you can start with your first drafts. When working on a project of this size you would benefit from getting started with a pre-writing session where you get all of your ideas down. Don’t worry about making corrections or having your sentences sound “academic”; the point of this exercise is to get everything down as efficiently as possible. Write several pages before developing your outline. You’ll have an easier time completing the rest of your project.

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