10 Easy Topics For Argumentative Research Papers

An argumentative research paper is one where you will be expected to take a potentially controversial position, and vigorously defend it. If you enjoy a good debate, and lively discussion, you will enjoy an argumentative essay assignment. If you are short on time, or can not seem to decide on a topic, fear not! We have a list of ten easy topics that may help you write a winning paper.

  1. Does A University Education Get You A Better Job?
  2. Will all this study, all these papers, all this research really (literally) pay off in the end? Many students have to assume a considerable debt load just to attend university. Is there any proof that it gets you ahead in the long term?

  3. Is Social Media An Effective Advertising Medium?
  4. Everyone seems to be on facebook and twitter, but are these effective advertising mediums for companies looking to sell?

  5. Is Graffiti A Valid Form Of Art?
  6. Some would argue that graffiti is a form of vandalism and a crime. But increasingly graffiti artists are being asked to create works for private collectors and galleries.

  7. What Is The Most Influential Band Of All Time?
  8. Who do you think is the best? You've got an opinion, now convince the rest of us!

  9. Are Women Better Team Players Than Men?
  10. True or false? Or is the reverse the position you would prefer to take?

  11. Are Men Better Corporate Leaders Than Women?
  12. Why or why not? What evidence can you produce to prove your point?

  13. Banning Meat Production Would Benefit The Environment.
  14. So much water, feed and other resources go into producing meat and poultry products, and so much methane gas is released as a result. Should we ban eating meat for the sake of the environment?

  15. Abolishing Homework Would Benefit Students.
  16. It is a debate that doesn't seem to want to go away. Dig deep while you research if there is any proof that homework helps students learn. Approach you assignment using a case study to prove (or disprove) the theory.

  17. National Security Is More Important Than Personal Privacy.
  18. Which should take priority? Is there a difference between the space we consider private versus the public space when a terrorist threat has been launched? Who decides what to do with the information that is uncovered?

  19. Companion Animals Are Good For Our Health.
  20. It is generally accepted that keeping pets can relax us and reduce the stress we endure as a result of everyday life. Prove it! Seek out the research and reports that show our four-legged friends do more than make us laugh.

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