List Of 20 Compelling Research Paper Topics Concerning Geography

  1. Arctic. The landscape is inhospitable, the weather is harsh and the wildlife are fascinating yet dangerous so why is the area one of the most captivating in the world.
  2. Stonehenge. Stonehenge is one of the ancient monuments for which there is no definitive explanation, how does it compare to other 'henges' in the UK and Europe?
  3. Coastal Erosion. Why has coastal erosion become more of a problem in recent years? What theories can you offer and what practical solutions would work?
  4. Italy. Why and what is the importance of the way that the north-west of Italy developed as part of a trade route from the East into Western Europe?
  5. Volcanoes. Over the past few years there has been several incidents of dormant volcanoes erupting, is there any significant link between this and global warming?
  6. Badlands. Areas in North and South Dakota in the US developed areas that are known as the Badlands, how and why were they formed?
  7. Natural Borders. Focus on one country and discuss how its natural borders (seas, rivers, mountains etc.) have shaped its history, peoples and trade.
  8. Minerals. Pick one mineral and research how it is formed, its uses, the way it is mined and the historic development of mining communities.
  9. Wind Farms. Discuss the use and development of wind farms and the positives and negatives in their placement particularly in areas of outstanding beauty.
  10. Natural Resources. How are natural resources protected? Do different countries use different protection techniques? Should the public be deterred from visiting?
  11. Deforestation. Many areas have suffered through deforestation, is there enough being done to prevent this and promote good examples of planned planting and harvesting?
  12. Indigenous Plants. Many nuisance plants have found their way into our gardens form other geographical areas (tumble weed in USA, Japanese Know weed in UK) why?
  13. Vikings. Substantial evidence has been found that the Vikings traveled as far west as what is now the USA, what sort of geographical barriers would they have encountered?
  14. Weather Patterns. Recently a lot of interest has been expressed that current extreme weather is man-made rather than a natural rhythm – what evidence can you find?
  15. Development of Cities. What are the main historical and geographical aspects that encouraged the development of large cities such as Paris, Rome and London?
  16. Africa. Research the geography of one African country in relation to its population, industry and resources, how does it compare to its neighbors?
  17. Land Reclamation. One of the most remarkable areas of land reclamation from the sea is found in the Netherlands, what prompted the development?
  18. Earthquakes. Why are earthquakes more prominent in certain areas of the world? How has this impacted on populations? Which country has the most earthquakes?
  19. Trade Routes. Look at the physical aspects of the old trade routes in particular the 'silk road', what happened to the trade routes during the industrial revolution?
  20. Food. How does access to abundance of a particular food influence regional cooking (think here of foods such as olives, fish and spices).

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