Research Paper Topics For College Students: 10 Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Students have to prepare many research papers while they are in college, so they have to learn how to choose the right topics for their works. It takes some time to figure out what you want to study, narrow the topic down, and find out whether you have enough material to answer your research question. Before you start brainstorming potential ideas, you should study the following information:

It makes sense to search online and study example ideas that will blow your mind. The sample list of 10 great research paper topics is provided below:

  1. Study current cybersecurity issues in big corporations in the U.S.
  2. Consider the possible ways of e-business development in emerging economies.
  3. Examine the main reasons why campus violence becomes a serious issue.
  4. Compare sex crime punishment in particular Asian and European countries.
  5. Formulate your position towards doping in amateur sports.
  6. Write about how it is possible to improve college admission policies.
  7. Analyze why standardized tests are so hard to pass for some students.
  8. Determine the main reasons why alternative fuel vehicles are better for the environment.
  9. Compare the main family values in different societies.
  10. Study the question why emigration of high-skilled labour force becomes a serious problem in the Eastern Europe.

This list of the topics contains some research paper ideas in crime, business, sports, education, environmental sciences, and family relationships. If you want to learn more ideas and get inspired, you should narrow your search by looking for sample assignment topics in management, for instance. After you choose a subject area, you could consult your supervisor to find out where you can look for narrower topics. Follow his or her suggestions, write down your study question, and get it approved.

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