Great tips for writing a strong conclusion for a research paper

A research paper like any proper essay is made up of basic sections. There will always be an introduction and there will always be one or more body paragraphs. But a research paper like any other essay will always finish with the third section which is the conclusion. Each of those components is important and without each of those components the research paper is not complete. Do not think that writing a brilliant introduction and some outstanding body paragraphs will get you across the line. You must finish off with a first class conclusion. Fortunately, you can check out how they write great papers at custom dissertation writing services and craft your own brilliantly.

How can you make your conclusion the best it can be?

It's most important that you understand the purpose of the conclusion. Obviously it is not there to introduce the research paper or to provide you information. It is there to round off your research paper. And the contents of your conclusion will under no circumstances include new material. By all means reiterate what has gone before but do not introduce something which has not been mentioned previously in the research paper.

The basic thrust or premise of your conclusion is to restate your thesis statement. This of course is the fulcrum upon which the entire research paper rests. Repeat the thesis statement and explain how you have supported or explained it throughout the research paper.

One important tip is to understand the difference between repeating and rephrasing the main points you've made before and that in the conclusion you do so in a new voice. In other words you have a main point to repeat or touch on in the conclusion and the advice is that you do so using new words. Give the main points a new voice.

And finally it is always a good idea in your conclusion to include a call for action. The reader has completed reading your research paper and comes to the conclusion. They read the conclusion which is a summary of all that has gone before and now you want to get them to respond. Offer the reader a challenge. This is your call to action. Always regard the conclusion as being of equal importance to the other parts of your research paper.

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