A List of Winning Topics for a Nursing Research Paper

Nurses need to continue their education in order to improve their professional skills. Nursing is a very important branch of medical sciences, so that some authors call it an art of healing. There are many urgent topics to study, but it takes a while to choose the right one, so students as well as professionals seek some help.

Firstly, a winning topic for a nursing research paper should be simple but unique. Some topics may seem narrow while others are too specific, either way you need to do a strong background research, study literature, and then demonstrate strong writing skills describing your findings. A list of ideas below might help you choose a good topic for your paper.

  1. How can nurses help with diseases associated with aging?
  2. What do nurses need to know about chronic illnesses?
  3. What challenges do women face trying to improve their health?
  4. What is special about neonatal nursing?
  5. Why do nurses need special knowledge and skills taking care of infants?
  6. What strategies should nurses know for quick emergency response?
  7. What role do nurses play dealing with emotional rehabilitation of accident victims?
  8. How can nurses help in case of phobias and fears?
  9. What can nurses do to promote healthy lifestyles and sports?
  10. What are differences and commonalities in nursing practices around the globe?
  11. What are the most famous nursing schools in the United States?
  12. What types of careers can nurses pursue?
  13. What are the most famous personalities of nursing science?
  14. How has the role of nurses changed?
  15. What kind of risks do nurses face when they are on duty?
  16. What career pathway can a nurse choose?
  17. How nurses can perform their duties in multicultural team effectively?
  18. What is an international migration of nurses?
  19. What is the difference between nurses and providers of primary care?
  20. Why can alternative therapies be counted as nursing?
  21. How do nurses choose what medications to use?
  22. Why do students want to become nurses?
  23. Why is it hard to become a nurse?
  24. What skills do nurses use every day?
  25. Why do nurses should use the opportunities provided by lifelong learning programs?

The topics provided above are sample topics. In many cases, it makes sense to narrow down the topic, you can also add a different perspective, and write about what you are interested in.

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