The Top 10 Most Interesting Topics For A Sociology Research Paper

Sociology is an interesting field for research and debate. When asked to write a research paper on a topic of your choice, your head can feel like a feather pillow, stuffed with ideas. Reaching a decision on what to research and write about can become quite a task. Sociology may be the most prolific of fields after the mother of all social sciences: Economics. To select an interesting topic for your sociology research paper you must identify what interests YOU the most. Researching a topic that holds your interest is the best way to go about it. You are, after all, going to spend a whole lot of hours with your topic. Choosing a topic that intrigues and challenges you is a surefire way of ensuring your research paper’s success. Here is a list of 10 topics that you might find interesting or inspiring, or both:

  1. Race, ethnicity, & socioeconomic class in housing strategies in the US.
  2. Hate speech and its psychological impact.
  3. Poverty: Is it inevitable?
  4. World Food Crisis: Determinants, causes and solutions.
  5. Gender and sex discrimination: Where does the world stand today?
  6. Domestic Violence: Is the data accurate?
  7. Unemployment: causes/effects.
  8. Is employment-for-everyone possible?
  9. Healthcare reforms.
  10. Wars: Who benefits from them?

You can choose one of the topics from the above list or use this list as a tool for brainstorming. For more ideas about your sociology research paper topic you can look around the Internet, talk to your teacher or leaf through newspapers and magazines. If you find looking for a topic a task you would rather not do, then consider looking for help from the various resources available on and offline. You best bet are:

If everything else fails, and writing a research paper dreads you, you can always outsource your research paper writing to an online writing service. An online writing service can help you with topic selection, developing an outline, researching the topic, and formatting it properly with references and citations. Beware of scammers and frauds though. Do not fall for better than the best slogans and cheap packages. On the other end of the spectrum, do not be impressed with a high “premium” fee for the service.

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