10 Compelling Topics for Persuasive Research Papers

Cannot come up with an original idea for a persuasive essay? Study the following list of prompts, and you will definitely find something interesting and inspiring.

  1. Community service should be a norm, not a punishment.
  2. This essay should promote the idea that every citizen should dedicate several hours to community work. Advocate the idea that posing community service as a norm instead of a punishment can improve the quality of life in communities.

  3. Control of gun ownership must be tighter.
  4. Focus on the invisible line that separates every person’s right to own a tool to protect him or herself from a situation where emotionally unstable people get access to dangerous weapons. Offer your suggestions on how to adjust the laws that regulate gun ownership.

  5. People are directly responsible for the recent mass extinction of wildlife species.
  6. List the reasons that caused this ecological collapse and explain how human activity caused this situation. Offer some ideas on how to undo the damage dealt to the environment.

  7. School tests should be abolished due to their inefficiency.
  8. Explain why the current grading and testing systems are unable to adequately assess children’s levels of knowledge and skill. Develop an effective strategy that will help solve this problem.

  9. Every citizen should become an unofficial spy.
  10. Explain why spying is patriotic and how it can help the country. Be sure to dedicate a part of the paper to predict the reactions of other countries to this policy, as a thing like this cannot be kept a secret in the era of the Internet.

  11. Trash taxes should be higher and regulations regarding trash disposal more strict.
  12. How will this help reduce the level of pollution? Offer some alternative methods of trash disposal. How can some types of trash be used and recycled?

  13. Every school should teach the Ten Commandments.
  14. Explain why it’s important to teach children the values dictated by the Ten Commandments. Is it possible to instill kids with these values without forcing them to embrace Christianity as their religion? What should be done for children of different religions?

  15. Schools shouldn’t teach any form of religious dogmas.
  16. Will this help educate a generation of progressive thinkers? How can this be arranged without insulting the religious communities?

  17. Forests should be given to communities to manage.
  18. Gather evidence to prove that forests are better protected when they are managed by communities instead of the federal government. Explain the reasons behind this.

  19. Punishment for home abuse should be more severe.
  20. Offer some stories of people who have suffered from abuse, and determine whether the punishments their tormentors got were adequate.

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