Picking Up Best Topics For A Good Research Paper About Mobile Phones

Mobile phones play a great role in the lives of people. These devices became irreplaceable instruments not only for communication but also for work purposes. Choosing mobile phones as a topic for your research paper is a great idea because there are plenty of things that you can investigate within this theme. However, you should focus your attention on some particular nuances for your work to be deep and interesting. Here are several decent suggestions:

  1. 1. The history of mobile phones.
  2. You may focus your investigation on the history and evolution of mobile phones. Describe different eras in the history of cell phones and try to predict what we will see in the future.

  3. 2. The mobile phone culture.
  4. The creation of cell phones had a serious impact on the society and culture. List and discuss these changes in your research paper.

  5. 3. The dangers of mobile phones.
  6. Being very helpful devices, cell phones still have a number of dangerous pitfalls. List the negative aspects of using mobile phones and try to find solutions for these problems.

  7. 4. Mobile phones in schools.
  8. Using cell phones in schools and other educational institutions sometimes leads to different problems. Discuss in your work whether there should be some social rules related to the usage of the devices.

  9. 5. The impact of mobile phones on the interaction in the workplace.
  10. On the one hand, the usage of cell phones can increase the performance of employees. On the other hand, these devices often become major factors of distraction. Do your investigation and discover different positive and negative effects.

  11. 6. Texting and communication.
  12. For more and more people, it’s easier to text somebody than to speak face to face. Does texting via mobile phones ruin our communication skills?

  13. 7. Cell phones and families.
  14. Nowadays, parents can always know where their children are just by calling them on the phone. Does this have only positive effects or there are some pitfalls?

  15. 8. The mobile phone addiction.
  16. Many people cannot imagine their lives without cell phones. Find ways to get rid of this addiction in your research paper.

  17. 9. Choosing the best mobile phone.
  18. People often face the problem related to selecting a good cell phone that will suit their needs and won’t cost too much. Do your investigation and present a way to that will satisfy you and your wallet.

  19. 10. Mobile phones and driving.
  20. Lots of accidents happen because of speaking while driving. Discuss in your paper whether there should be more strict punishments for such a behavior.

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