Research Paper Format Guidelines: How To Compose An Outline

Your research paper has to have a few things in each section of the research paper.  In the introduction you need your thesis statement and the reason or purpose of the topic that you are doing.  The body has to have at least three strong arguments that you used to back up your topic and your conclusion gives an overview of the argument.  And this is all the information that you will need to compose an outline for your research paper.  Outlines do vary so I will give you general information that you can use but if you have to do it a certain way make sure you have the correct format before you start your outline.

How To Compose An Outline

These are the parts that you are going to outline in your research paper.  I would suggest checking out Explorable or using Microsoft Word templates to compose your essay.  Here are the parts that you need to include in your research paper.

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