Top 22 Most Interesting High School Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Research papers are complex academic assignments because they need the students to think critically, choose a unique niche, stick to a proper format, stay organized, use authenticated data and prove their stance to the audience. You do not merely have to pen down relevant information but you should be able to prove that your ideas were correct. You need to create such an assignment that can engage your audience and give them reason to agree with you. If you are to create a persuasive research paper, then the core aim is to pick a stance and use logical, factual and statistical data to convince the readers of your viewpoint. It is more like a debate where at the end you have to make sure that your audience agrees with your stance. You may have to present counter arguments to be able to convince them or research for days and weeks in order to get the most authenticated data.

It is important to choose the right title for your persuasive research paper. If you fail to hook your audience in the title, then they may not even bother to read the rest of your paper. You should always pick something that is interesting as well as unique. Try to talk about less common aspects of the subject and show the audience why they are worth addressing. Make sure that you agree with the stance you are taking because elsewise you will never be able to prove it

Here are few suggestions you can consider for the title of a persuasive research paper

  1. Drugs are bad but alcohol is worse
  2. Being an addict is directly related to childhood and parenting
  3. Financial crisis can break families
  4. Financial crisis can bring families closer
  5. Drinking and driving should have strict check and balance than it is now
  6. Government should set a legal age for joining online platforms
  7. Books are better than the web
  8. Digital media wins over print in all fields
  9. Societal marketing is a must for businesses
  10. SMO
  11. SEO
  12. Child abuse
  13. Domestic violence
  14. Rape culture increasing in developing countries
  15. Racism exists even though we deny it
  16. Nuclear weapons should be banned
  17. Terrorism and religion
  18. Politicians do not care about the people
  19. Laws grind the poor
  20. Law is for everyone

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