Tips For Writing A Research Paper Quickly: Basic Manual For College Students

You have a month or a week to write up a research paper at college but you end up starting the day before the deadline. Yes, we have all been there. Procrastination is the college student’s worst best friend.

If you are in this situation right now and are looking for tips on how to quickly write a research paper, you have come to the right place. You will see here that it is not only possible to write your paper quickly but also to do it very well. Follow the steps below to achieve a great result.

  1. Relax
  2. If your paper is due tomorrow, you are probably panicking; badly. If that is the case, relax, because stressing about something has never helped anyone and you certainly will not be able to get your work done well in this condition. Have a cup of tea/juice/water/coffee, take a 10 minute walk and chill.

  3. Choose your topic
  4. Start thinking about what you would like to write about. If you have been assigned a topic, skip this step. If you have to choose it yourself, try and think of an area of interest first and then land on a topic. Try and make the topic a wide ranging one with a lot of research already done on it. This will help you write better in a short period of time. Form your thesis statement.

  5. Create an Outline
  6. Armed with your topic, you have a direction to go into. Start drawing up a list of sub-topics that will help you at first explain the topic, why it is important and why the reader should care about it. Then make a listing of previous research and evidence to back up your claims. At this stage, this should all be an outline of subtopic headings and you will need to do cursory research online and through books to come up with these.

  7. Write!
  8. Now that you have a map for your paper in the shape of an outline, you can start some deeper research. Look at what people have previously done and use that to form your own argument to support your thesis. Use evidence and explain. Formulate a conclusion.

  9. Proofread and Edit
  10. Once you have finished writing, re-read your paper. Make sure your paper flows well from your thesis statement to an explanation of the concept, previous research on it, your reasoning for your position and the conclusion you have reached. Check spellings, grammar and punctuation.

Well done, you are finished!

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