A List Of Good Education Psychology Topics For A Research Paper

Understanding the human mind is one of the most fascinating undertakings a person can commit themselves to. Educational psychology provides the basis of learning processes from developmental ages throughout a person’s lifespan well past the age of retirement. Several types of educational psychology exist when combining the learning process with social, biological or cultural traits. A vast majority of topics exist for a student undertaking a research paper in this discipline such as:


From Aristotle to the most recent PhD dissertation recipient, educational psychology has roots stretching throughout centuries. Two of the most famous people that stand out in this field are John Locke and Jean Piaget. Locke, a famous philosopher during the age of Enlightenment, was famous for his thought on education being developed from personal life experience and the perception of how young people understand the world. Piaget led the field in cognitive psychology with an approach to education as being important to pull young people towards ensuring that the world did not collapse.


Students should also look into writing topics on the approaches of education psychology such as behavioral or social. From behavioral one can address self determination theory and the process of internal motivators towards learning as compared to external forces. Social educational psychology allows for the development of young minds in their given peer groups and how the develop throughout time (also using developmental approaches).

Learning process

Whether using Piaget’s concepts of development of self determination theory, motivation plays a large role in educational psychology. This is due to the factor of what or why a learner develops the ideas and learning processes that they do. Internally motivating factors are inherently developed, but extrinsic factors still play a large role when it comes to social influence toward educational development.

Applications to the every day

Young persons are the walking experiment of educational psychology that both professors and counselors can study in their everyday pursuits. These pursuits will change given the individual's upbringing when studying other persons and or cultures.

Methods of Research

For a research paper, students can look into both qualitative and quantitative studies. Although quantitative will give students facts and figures with numbers, qualitative studies also allow for the development of social thought and pursuits over making participants just a number.

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