How to make a solid outline for a research paper 

What is an outline?

An outline is the basic structure of your research paper or essay. The purpose of an outline is to help students save time and organize their data. They can put relevant data in the same place if they plan their paper. It is a good technique to save time and write fast. An outline acts like a backbone for your paper. Once you have the outline of your paper, the rest becomes easy. It is as half of your work is finished and all you have to do is expand on the points you have in your essay.

How to make a good outline for research papers

Many students stress out when they need to create an outline for their paper. They think of it as a challenging task that requires a lot of hard work. However, writing an outline is simple. All you have to do is follow few basic steps.

Steps to write a good outline for a research paper

You can create the outline of your paper in five simple steps. It is a good idea to divide your outline in gradual steps to save time and efforts.

  1. Know the purpose of your research paper
  2. The first thing you need to is know the purpose of your research paper. Without a clear idea of what your paper is about, you will never be able to meet the standards. You need to see whether you are writing an argument paper, expository or comparative paper. When you know the type of your paper, you can then decide the topic of your paper. Deciding a topic of your paper is the most critical step in research paper writing. You will have to discard a few ideas, revise some, and create a final topic.

  3. Develop your major arguments
  4. Once you have the topic for your research paper, the next thing you need to do is think of all the possible arguments and stances you can take on this topic. Ideally, you will have 3-4 major arguments in your paper.

  5. Give a logical order to your major arguments
  6. After you have the major arguments, you need to check if they are following a logical order. You will have to arrange them in such a way that they make sense to the reader.

  7. Add supporting ideas to your major arguments
  8. Edit your outline

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