Creating Brilliant Political Science Topics For a Research Paper

Are you finding the task of figuring out a research paper topic difficult? The first step in figuring out a research topic is to ask your professor or teacher what the guidelines for the paper are. Many times, a teacher is looking for a specific type of paper. There may be exclusions of topics, which is a good thing to know before researching a potential topic. If there are no exclusions, be prepared to find a topic that will have subcategories that will be able to support an argument.

Political science covers many topics. In order to create something brilliant, choose an interesting angle. Below are five interesting topics that are current and ready to be written about!

Public Policy

There are several subcategories that fall under the umbrella of “public policy.” Choose one strong subcategory and write about that. Some categories can include: evaluations or reviews of housing policies, immigration policies, or trade policy.

Political Parties

Although the study of the Democratic and Republican Party has been done until the cows come home, studying and evaluating other groups is always an interesting thing to read. Such parties can include: Black Panther Party, German Green Party, British Tory Party, or the Know Nothing Party.

Political Movements

By choosing one movement throughout the course of the United States or another country, a student will be able to designate the beginning, middle, and end of a movement. Research papers can include the founders of the movement, the movement’s purpose, when everything occurred, and the aftermath.

Governments Outside of the United States

By choosing a country’s government to study, a student is able to either compare or contrast with the United States. For example, a student can choose to study British Parliament, the Italian government, or Russian government. Subtopics can be how officials are elected, how the courts are run, and their beliefs on the death penalty.

A Study of A Political Scientist

What better way to understand political science than to study where it all came from? By choosing one political scientist, it is easy to designate you topic of research. Base all research on what the political scientist studied. For example: Eric Voegelin is a perfect jumping off topic when researching modern political science.

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