A List Of Good 8th Grade Research Paper Topics: 13 Suggestions

Research is great for kids. It helps them to learn about their world through asking questions, collecting information and finally analyzing it all to see if their initial hypotheses held up. This is true at all ages but at the 8th grade the choice of topics can seem a little bit limited compared to what 12th graders can accomplish. With a bit of imagination, an eighth grade student can still get a great idea for a paper just by doing the following:

Reading academic papers

There are all sorts of these if you’re willing to look. They can show you many things you need to know and expose you to concepts that you might find interesting. You even end up researching a few of them in your spare time for fun.

Discuss things with other students

If you need to come up with an idea, you might find one quicker by asking your friends to help. They may even be able to work on it with you if the assignment is meant for groups. In that case it is definitely a good idea to collaborate on the topic so that everyone feels involved equally.

Get the teacher’s opinion

Sometimes a teacher can redirect the assignment so that it becomes more educational by just changing the topic slightly. This may not even be because the original idea was bad but it may be very close to something that you have to study anyway so you might as well include that other thing.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. 1) How old is old enough to date?
  2. 2) Are home schooled children less sociable than their peers who attend public schools?
  3. 3) Is television for old people?
  4. 4) Are regular social media users better at expressing their feelings?
  5. 5) Should American sliced “cheese” be reclassified as flavored plastic?
  6. 6) What makes it easier to make friends in a new school?
  7. 7) Do shy children stay shy as adults?
  8. 8) Is expulsion the best way to deal with bad students?
  9. 9) Does homework do more harm than good?
  10. 10) Should students be forced to give up their smart devices while at school?
  11. 11) Should teachers be replaced with robots?
  12. 12) Is it better to have many friends or a few close ones?
  13. 13) Is school really necessary?

Try these out for size and then come up with a few of your own in your spare time.

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